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As a developer in the video game industry, I seek to challenge the preconceived norms of video gaming and help evolve the art into a new paradigm.

Understanding that video gaming remains in its adolescence helps drive me to find new ways of breaking old barriers and push the boundaries of the medium. With new technologies and innovations constantly emerging, the industry requires direction to help determine its place among the humanities and to fulfill its latent potential among the arts.


Based in Metro Vancouver, I've been in the video game industry for nearly 10 years with experience in both AAA and Indie titles. 

As a Narrative, Level and Game Designer, I've crafted stories, worlds, characters, levels. gameplay and scripts for several published games including Slender: The Arrival (2013), Valley (2016), Citadel: Forged With Fire (2017), Evasion (2018), and Freediver: Triton Down (2019).

My journey began shortly after graduating university with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Film Studies, with a minor in Creative Writing. From there I began creating narratives for various mods for Warcraft 3, Neverwinter Nights, and Starcraft 2. Soon thereafter, I began work at BioWare learning the ins and outs of the professional games industry and what it takes to write great AAA content. From there, I joined Blue Isle Studios and oversaw the narrative  and game design on several published titles. 

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